The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!

MHRBack in April 2013, when Margaret Weis Productions lost their Marvel license, I discontinued posting on my blog. (Like most fans of the game, I went into an extended period of mourning for the game.) Thanks to Google+, I have been able to play the game some since. But now is not the time for me to perform an autopsy about how the game failed commercially. (Time for that later . . .)

This past month, I decided to start work on preparing an ongoing campaign for me to start running in January 2014 via Google+. This has led me to decide to resurrect this blog. (Truth be told, I had barely started writing this blog when the license was pulled.) I have pulled my previous content (about six datafiles), and will be revising and reposting them when complete.

My campaign will be The Road to Civil War; my plan is to start with Nick Fury’s Secret War (as presented by Plot Points), run through some original and fanmade content, and then culminate in Civil War itself. I anticipate having to create or modify content as I go along — which (of course) I will then share with everyone on this blog.


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