Coming Soon To A Theater Near You …

wasn't that guy deadYesterday, I announced my intention to run a weekly Marvel Heroic Roleplaying  campaign starting in January 2014. “From Secret to Civil War” takes advantage of the relative wealth of fanmade material. One of the many advantages of MHRP in my opinion is the ease with which players can enter / exit the game. (Which is great for this point in life when you have active adults who’d like to make the greater commitment to play, but who have to manage competing claims on their attention – like jobs, significant others and children, etc.)

Personally, Monday or Thursday nights would be ideal — but will not be a deal-breaker on my end. (My wife is a singer, and those are her rehearsal nights.) What I’m looking for is a small pool of players who can commit to playing a couple weeks at a time – but certainly not every week into perpetuity. (Unless they so wish.) Troupe play will be the order of the day.

I hope to start the campaign with Secret War sometime the first week in January. My guess is that Event will run about three weeks. If you are interested, tweet me @laughingmad.


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