Tinkerer [Watcher Datafile]

ImageTinkerer: Phineas T. Mason [public]

Affiliations: Solo D4, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Family Issues; Just Business; Tech Savant


  • SFX—Built to Spec: When you activate opportunity to create Science Expert or Tech Master resource, step up that resource die. Spend DD to give resource to another Watcher character to use.
  • SFX—Technological Intuition: When using Mimic to create technology- based complications or assets, add D6 and step up effect die.
  • Limit—Prototype: When you create asset or complication with Mimic, shut down power until asset or complication is eliminated, removed or recovered.

Specialties: Covert Expert D8, Crime Expert D8, Science Expert D8, Tech Master D10

_ _ _ _ _

By nature, the Tinkerer is a B-list, minor villain. He is least effective by himself and is most effective among his toys. I gave him three distinctions instead of two, because the three really fleshed out his character and motivations. His power set is based on elements from Forge’s datafile found in Civil War: X-Men XM80. (I wanted to keep the We Can Rebuild Him SFX, but couldn’t figure out how it could work for a Watcher datafile. And I could not find an example of any Watcher characters with a healing SFX to base it on. Doesn’t matter for the Event, though.)

His Tinker Toybots are entirely my invention and will be featured in a future post. Stay tuned.


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