Hulk Smash Xmas!

Image“Oh, you better watch out . . . The Incredible Hulk is rampaging through midtown Manhattan near Rockefeller Center. Why? Maybe he’s being mind-controlled by The Leader. Maybe he’s just mad. Whatever the situation, the heroes need to subdue the Hulk. Good luck.”

What is it? A holiday-themed rampaging battle royale … starring the Hulk! Assuming I have enough players, I plan on running this Mini-Event on Thursday, December 26 on Google+, starting at 8:00 p.m. EST. Players may choose any hero datafile from the Basic Game or Civil War and its supplements. If you are interested in joining us to play, contact me via Google+, Twitter or by email.

‘Nuff Said!

– – – – –

No one signed up. So the Event is CANCELLED. Pity.


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