What Am I Reading? [Agents of Atlas]

ImageDerek Khanata: He couldn’t work with any of you ever again … at least not in an official capacity. I suppose you could open a hot dog stand together, but never work for the government.

Gorilla Man (Ken Hale): That would be one kick-ass hot dog stand.

One of my favorite quotes. Yes, I have started re-reading my Agents of Atlas graphic novels: which include Agents of Atlas, Dark Reign and Turf Wars. (At present, I haven’t yet read and don’t won Versus or Return of 3-D Man.) They are truly an oddball team, but one that is actually, really tight. And the comic has a self-ironic, retro-cool feel to it. My first exposure to them was almost accidental — incidental to my reading up on Civil War and its aftermath, via my Marvel Unlimited online subscription. (It was Dark Reign, and they were committing a bank robbery of the gold reserves at Fort Knox. I was immediately sold.)

Before I discontinued the blog, I had posted datafiles for both Venus and M-11. My plan is to revise those datafiles and present the team in their entirety. This will involve creating both team and individual milestones. Until then, stay tuned.


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