Venus [Player Datafile]

venusVenus [public]

Affiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8
Distinctions: Hedonist; Other Venus; Secret Past

GODDESS OF LOVE: Mind Control D10, Shapeshift D6, Swimming D6

  • SFX—Area Attack: When using Mind Control, may target multiple opponents. For each additional target, add D6 and keep +1 effect die.
  • SFX—Immortal: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma or complications caused by aging, disease, poison, radiation or vacuum.
  • SFX—Siren Song: Add D6 and step up your effect die when using Mind Control to inflict persuasion- based complications.
  • Limit—Must Be Heard: When silenced, shut down Mind Control to earn 1 PP.

Specialties: Crime Expert D8, Psych Expert D8

Venus was posted in the previous incarnation of this site. Any changes made were pretty minor. I gave her Shapeshift D6 to reflect her ability to make minor cosmetic changes. And I added Crime Expert D8 to her specialties to reflect her experience as a member of the Agents of Atlas. Not sure yet what to do about her Milestone . . . .


M-11, The Human Robot [Player Datafile]


M-11 [public]

Affiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Distinctions: Crush Kill Destroy!; Strong But Silent Type; Weird Science

ROBOTIC BODY: Cybernetic Senses D6, Godlike Stamina D12, Heat Ray D10, Stretching D8, Superhuman Durability D10, Superhuman Strength D10

  • SFX–Area Attack: If your dice pool includes Stretching power, may attack multiple targets. For each additional target, add D6 and keep +1 effect die.
  • SFX–Electrify: On reaction against close-combat physical attack, inflict physical stress with your effect die at no cost. Spend 1 PP to step it up.
  • SFX–Immunity: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress or complications from sources that only affect organic lifeforms.
  • SFX–Self-Repair: Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma.
  • Limit–System Failure: Shut down any Robotic Body power to earn 1 PP. Activate opportunity or participate in transition scene to recover that power.

Specialties: Menace Expert D8

– – – – –

M-11 was posted in the previous incarnation of this site. He is the tank of the team.

For me, the challenge in creating him was both in getting his powers right and in maintaining game balance. I downgraded his Heat Ray to D10, but upgraded his Stamina to D12 (to match the Vision YR126). I had considered giving him both Area Attack and Multipower SFX — but decided they were too much together. I had originally written up the Self-Repair SFX to be similar to the Second Wind SFX — but changed it to more resemble the Fast Healing SFX (to match Wolverine BR96), which seemed to me to better represent the power as depicted in the comic.

Next: And now for me to work on his Secret Program milestone! Stay tuned.

Namora [Player Datafile]

namoraNamora: Aquaria Neptuna [secret]

Affiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Distinctions: Atlantean Royalty; Human-Atlantean Hybrid; Loyal Friend

AQUATIC MUTANT: Enhanced Reflexes D8, Flight D6, Superhuman Durability D10, Superhuman Stamina D10, Superhuman Strength D10, Swimming D8

  • SFX–Beserk: Add DD to your next attack action. After your action, step it up and return to Doom Pool.
  • SFX–Quick to Anger: Step up or double any Aquatic Mutant power for single action. If action fails, add die to Doom Pool equal to normal rating of that power.
  • SFX–In Her Element: Before you take action including any Aquatic Mutant power while underwater, you may move your physical stress to Doom Pool and step up Aquatic Mutant power for this action.
  • SFX–Mighty Fortitude: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma or complications caused by aging, disease, poison, radiation or vacuum.
  • Limit–Mutant: When affected by mutant- specific complications or tech, earn 1 PP.
  • Limit–Need … Water … Now: Step back your Superhuman Strength power to earn 1 PP. Immerse yourself in water to recover power.

Specialties: Combat Expert D8, Crime Expert D8, Menace Expert D8, Psych Expert D8

– – – – –

Namora is presented slightly weaker version of the Sub-Mariner, found in Civil War CW 208. The changes I made were in her Affiliations, Distinctions, Strength trait and her Specialties. In general, I tried to make her more of a team player than her cousin. Her Strength is rated lower in the unofficial Marvel Wiki. For her specialties, I swapped out Business Expert for Crime Expert — to better reflect her time with the Atlas Foundation criminal syndicate. (I will be posting Milestones separate from Player Datafiles.)

More later. Stay tuned.

Toybots [Watcher Datafile]


Tinker Toybots [not revealed]

Affiliations: Team 5D6
Distinctions: Glow-y Eyes; Toys R Us

TINKER TECH: Energy Blast D6, Enhanced Durability D8, Enhanced Strength D8

  • SFX–Mob ‘Em: In dice pools that include Energy Blast or Enhanced Strength, you may target multiple opponents. For each additional target, add D6 and keep +1 effect die.
  • SFX–Immunity: Spend D6 from Doom Pool to ignore stress, trauma or complications caused by disease, poison, vacuum, hunger, thirst, fatigue or psychic powers.
  • Limit–Mob Cohesion: Defeat Team dice (with D8 stress) to reduce it. Each Team die may be treated as separate target for Area Attack SFX.

Specialties: Combat Rookie D6, Menace Rookie D6

_ _ _ _ _

My idea was it would only be natural that the Tinkerer in his Latverian workshop would create a tiny horde of Toybots to serve and protect him. My thought is that he would base them at least in part on the Doombots. (My inspiration for them and their look comes from the Unknown Thief in the video game Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.)

Tinkerer [Watcher Datafile]

ImageTinkerer: Phineas T. Mason [public]

Affiliations: Solo D4, Buddy D6, Team D8

Distinctions: Family Issues; Just Business; Tech Savant


  • SFX—Built to Spec: When you activate opportunity to create Science Expert or Tech Master resource, step up that resource die. Spend DD to give resource to another Watcher character to use.
  • SFX—Technological Intuition: When using Mimic to create technology- based complications or assets, add D6 and step up effect die.
  • Limit—Prototype: When you create asset or complication with Mimic, shut down power until asset or complication is eliminated, removed or recovered.

Specialties: Covert Expert D8, Crime Expert D8, Science Expert D8, Tech Master D10

_ _ _ _ _

By nature, the Tinkerer is a B-list, minor villain. He is least effective by himself and is most effective among his toys. I gave him three distinctions instead of two, because the three really fleshed out his character and motivations. His power set is based on elements from Forge’s datafile found in Civil War: X-Men XM80. (I wanted to keep the We Can Rebuild Him SFX, but couldn’t figure out how it could work for a Watcher datafile. And I could not find an example of any Watcher characters with a healing SFX to base it on. Doesn’t matter for the Event, though.)

His Tinker Toybots are entirely my invention and will be featured in a future post. Stay tuned.