Mea Culpa

marvel oopsOops! In my previous December 4 Fandom Fave post, I mistakenly stated that the Doom Pool blog had gone defunct. It had been a site that I had actively followed for quite some time, but then had been unable to find. But this Google+ post shows that it is actually alive and well.

(I don’t know whether it was some confusion on my part, bad links, or had actually disappeared and has since then been resurrected. Again, my apologies.)


Fandom Fave: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Wiki

iron fist-randallOver the past two years, I have discovered a handful of truly useful MHRP fan sites. In the future, I hope to devote individual posts to them describing each in some detail. Sadly when the license was pulled, one of my favorites (The Doom Pool) simply vanished. But it seems another came into life shortly thereafter to take its place: the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Wiki.

It came into existence thanks mainly to the efforts of Shoe from the Shoebox Games Blog. I believe he was among the community that had sprung up into existence on the original Margaret Weis forums for this game. (Most of that content was made currently unavailable when the original forums were discontinued – though there is hope for them to see the light of day now with the introduction of the brand new forums at MWP.)

The wiki is very much a community resource, created by MHRP gamers. It is an active community, full of creative content from which to draw upon. Much of its content to begin with was fan content that was rescued from the now-disappeared original forums.) But there is much new content that has been created since then.

This morning, as I was surfing the web looking for graphics for my game, I came across an entry for Iron Fist (Orson Randall) that very much resembled one I had previously posted — but one that is augmented and improves on it, I must say. And complete with solid Milestones, too (nice!). But I also found both a power set for Vampirism and a datafile for Mephisto that I had been looking to use — that is, if I ever get around to running a Marvel Mystic campaign.

Needless to say, a resource well worth anyone looking into. Hope you enjoy it!

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