Milestone for Namora [revised]

N is for NamoraAtlantean Heritage

  • 1 XP: When you use your Loyal Friend distinction to help an ally.
  • 3 XP: When your Atlantean heritage plays an important part in a scene.
  • 10 XP: When EITHER you leave your current team to fulfill your Atlantean duty OR you remain despite the cost.

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My first attempt at writing an individual milestone for a hero. Since players can choose to play a single milestone and add an additional one during a transition scene, I have decided to keep it nice and easy for myself and create single milestones for player heroes. This milestone combines elements from existing ones, but most notably from Colossus for the 3 XP entry.


Namora [Player Datafile]

namoraNamora: Aquaria Neptuna [secret]

Affiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8

Distinctions: Atlantean Royalty; Human-Atlantean Hybrid; Loyal Friend

AQUATIC MUTANT: Enhanced Reflexes D8, Flight D6, Superhuman Durability D10, Superhuman Stamina D10, Superhuman Strength D10, Swimming D8

  • SFX–Beserk: Add DD to your next attack action. After your action, step it up and return to Doom Pool.
  • SFX–Quick to Anger: Step up or double any Aquatic Mutant power for single action. If action fails, add die to Doom Pool equal to normal rating of that power.
  • SFX–In Her Element: Before you take action including any Aquatic Mutant power while underwater, you may move your physical stress to Doom Pool and step up Aquatic Mutant power for this action.
  • SFX–Mighty Fortitude: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma or complications caused by aging, disease, poison, radiation or vacuum.
  • Limit–Mutant: When affected by mutant- specific complications or tech, earn 1 PP.
  • Limit–Need … Water … Now: Step back your Superhuman Strength power to earn 1 PP. Immerse yourself in water to recover power.

Specialties: Combat Expert D8, Crime Expert D8, Menace Expert D8, Psych Expert D8

– – – – –

Namora is presented slightly weaker version of the Sub-Mariner, found in Civil War CW 208. The changes I made were in her Affiliations, Distinctions, Strength trait and her Specialties. In general, I tried to make her more of a team player than her cousin. Her Strength is rated lower in the unofficial Marvel Wiki. For her specialties, I swapped out Business Expert for Crime Expert — to better reflect her time with the Atlas Foundation criminal syndicate. (I will be posting Milestones separate from Player Datafiles.)

More later. Stay tuned.