Toybots [Watcher Datafile]


Tinker Toybots [not revealed]

Affiliations: Team 5D6
Distinctions: Glow-y Eyes; Toys R Us

TINKER TECH: Energy Blast D6, Enhanced Durability D8, Enhanced Strength D8

  • SFX–Mob ‘Em: In dice pools that include Energy Blast or Enhanced Strength, you may target multiple opponents. For each additional target, add D6 and keep +1 effect die.
  • SFX–Immunity: Spend D6 from Doom Pool to ignore stress, trauma or complications caused by disease, poison, vacuum, hunger, thirst, fatigue or psychic powers.
  • Limit–Mob Cohesion: Defeat Team dice (with D8 stress) to reduce it. Each Team die may be treated as separate target for Area Attack SFX.

Specialties: Combat Rookie D6, Menace Rookie D6

_ _ _ _ _

My idea was it would only be natural that the Tinkerer in his Latverian workshop would create a tiny horde of Toybots to serve and protect him. My thought is that he would base them at least in part on the Doombots. (My inspiration for them and their look comes from the Unknown Thief in the video game Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.)