What Am I Reading? [Howard the Duck]

ImageActually, it’s more likeĀ “What did I get for Xmas?”

Usually these days I’m buying and reading graphic novels; I’m just at a stage in life where I can’t afford much the time or money to collect individual issues. But this Xmas, I did have an individual issue on my Amazon wish list as a stocking stuffer: Howard the Duck vol 1, no 8.

It’s a bit of nostalgia for me. In 1977, my family moved from Texas to Wisconsin. It was a long drive north, and right before we left, I bought a stash of comics, mostly Marvel. Among them was this Howard the Duck where he ran for president. It was adult-themed and made an impression on me. (This comic is one reason why I gravitated to Cerebus duringĀ the High Society days.) Anyway, this was among the gifts Santa brought me this Xmas.

(Nearly finished reading Agents of Atlas, now up to Turf Wars. Also have Dark Reign to read, also among my Xmas presents this year.)


What Am I Reading? [Agents of Atlas]

ImageDerek Khanata: He couldn’t work with any of you ever again … at least not in an official capacity. I suppose you could open a hot dog stand together, but never work for the government.

Gorilla Man (Ken Hale): That would be one kick-ass hot dog stand.

One of my favorite quotes. Yes, I have started re-reading my Agents of Atlas graphic novels: which include Agents of Atlas, Dark Reign and Turf Wars. (At present, I haven’t yet read and don’t won Versus or Return of 3-D Man.) They are truly an oddball team, but one that is actually, really tight. And the comic has a self-ironic, retro-cool feel to it. My first exposure to them was almost accidental — incidental to my reading up on Civil War and its aftermath, via my Marvel Unlimited online subscription. (It was Dark Reign, and they were committing a bank robbery of the gold reserves at Fort Knox. I was immediately sold.)

Before I discontinued the blog, I had posted datafiles for both Venus and M-11. My plan is to revise those datafiles and present the team in their entirety. This will involve creating both team and individual milestones. Until then, stay tuned.